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what is ram

What is ram: In this article, we will explain what is ram and types of ram, So the full form of RAM is Random Access Memory. It is also called Main Memory and Primary Memory. RAM stores data and instructions for the work currently being done by the CPU. This memory is part of the CPU. Therefore, its data can be accessed directly.

Data and instructions in RAM are stored in Cells. Each cell is made up of some Rows and Columns, which have their own unique address. It is also called Cell Path. CPUs can receive different data from these Cells. RAM memory can be randomly accessed, and due to this feature, this memory is named Random Access Memory.

RAM is a volatile memory. You cannot store data in RAM forever, whenever Ram gets the power supply the data is stored in it, and when we switch off the computer all the data is automatically deleted.

Features Of Ram

  • It’s a part of the CPU.
  • Without this, the computer cannot do its job.
  • It is the primary memory of the computer
  • Data can be randomly accessed.
  • It is a temporary memory but it is fast.
  • RAM is expensive.
  • It is different from storage.
what is ram

Types of RAM

Computer is constantly developing. Due to which its other important parts also have to be upgraded. Which also includes RAM. There are two Types Of Ram.

  • SRAM
  • DRAM

The full name of SRAM is Static Random Access Memory. In which the word “Static” indicates that the data in this RAM is constant. And there is no need to refresh it again and again.

SRAM is also a volatile memory. Therefore, data remains in it till it gets Power. All data is automatically deleted as soon as the computer is switched off. This memory is used as Cache Memory.

The full name of DRAM is Dynamic Random Access Memory. In which the word “Dynamic” means moving. That means always changing. So this RAM has to be constantly refreshed. Only then can data be stored in it.

DRAM is used as the CPU’s main memory. Because data can be randomly obtained from it. And new data is stored in it automatically. Due to which CPU’s efficiency remains fast.

DRAM is also a volatile memory. Therefore, data remains stored until Power Supply is there, Nowadays DRAM is used only in devices like Computers, Smartphones, Tablets, etc. Because it is cheaper than SRAM.

In this article, we have provided you complete information about Computer RAM. and now you know what is RAM is and different types of RAM.


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