Revolt 400 Bike Specification, Price, Modes, Sound

Revolt 400
Revolt 400

Revolt 400 Bike Specification, Price, Modes, Sound And Lot’s More…

Revolt Bike Specification

Name Revolt 400
PriceBase Model 3499 pm for 37 months installment.
Premium Model 3999 pm for 37 months installment.
ModesYou will get 3 riding modes
SoundYou will get 4 types of sound in Revolt RV 400
RangeOn one charge it can go around 150 km
TiresFront and Rear tires are of 17 inch
Battery15 amp Lithium-Ion Battery
SuspensionMono Shock Suspension at rear
Telescopic suspension at the front
Ground Clearance215mm
WarrantyYou will get 5 years of warranty on the battery.
2.5 years of warranty on the charger.
Carrying Capacity150kg

Revolt Intelli corporation has launched Revolt Rv 400, as it is India’s first intelligent bike with lots of tech features.

Revolt Intelli Corp is gurugram based company, Revolt has started its booking of Revolt 400 and you can book this beautiful bike for only Rs 1000.

For booking, you can go to there website or you can also book it from amazon

Front Look Of Revolt 400

So let’s start the front look of the motorcycle, you will get a beautiful DRL on the headlight as well as projector headlamps with high beam.

Revolt 400
Revolt 400

Revolt 400 Riding Modes

You will get 3 riding modes.

Mode A Economy: You can travel around 150 km in this mode, this mode is beneficial for long riders who use to travel around more than 130 or 140 km per day.

Mode B Normal: If you switch to this mode you can travel around 100 km with a speed of 65 km/hr, as you will get an increase in power and performance.

Mode C Sports: It’s a sports mode where you can reach speed to 85km/hr and it can travel around 80 km.

Revolt 400 Charging Time

Revolt 400 battery
Revolt 400 battery

You can charge the lithium-ion battery at home, for obtaining 75% of charge you have to charge this vehicle for almost 3 hours, and for a full charge, it can take up to 4 hours

If your battery has been discharged then don’t worry revolt is launching its hubs in the city where you can swap your discharged battery with the charged ones.

You can search for the nearest battery swapping stations with the help of Revolt app.

Revolt 400 SOS delivery service
Revolt 400 SOS delivery service

Revolt company has also planned for delivering of the battery at your place within 90 minutes, So you run out of battery at the middle of something you can opt there SOS battery delivery service.

Revolt 400 Special Features

Revolt 400 electric start
Revolt 400 electric start

You don’t need a key to start this vehicle as its a keyless entry bike, you can also start this bike from the Revolt app also.

There is a power button from where you can start your bike, as you have seen in many high tech cars which are also known as power start button.

Revolt 400 Sound

Revolt 400 Sound
Revolt 400 Sound

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As you know that it’s an electric bike and in electric bikes, there is no engine sound but wait you will get four types of engine sound, so you must have a question how it works, well Revolt has installed a speaker which generates exhaust sound.

You can change your bike sound with the help of Revolt app itself presently there are only 4 types of sounds available but Revolt will add more sounds in the future.

Revolt 400 My Revolt App

My Revolt App
My Revolt App

You can see the image above as you can see that you will get all the information about your bike on MY REVOLT APP as well as you can start to stop your bike from the app itself.

The revolt has also included the antitheft features where you can locate your bike if somebody has stolen with the help of google geofencing.

Revolt 400 Price

Base Model: Revolt has provided an installment scheme where you have to pay Rs 3,499 per month for 37 months to buy this vehicle.

Premium Model: To buy a premium model of Revolt 400 you will have to pay Rs 3,999 pm for 37 months to buy a premium model.

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