Ranu Mondal (New singer), Bio, Age, Hometown, Wiki, Himesh Reshammiya

Ranu Mondal
Ranu Mondal

Ranu Mondal (New singer), Bio, Age, Hometown, Wiki, Himesh Reshammiya, And More…

Information Of Ranu Mondal And Her Family

NameRanu Mondal or Ranu Ray
HomeWest Bengal
Birth Date10/10/1959
Role ModelLata Mangeshkar
AchievementsBecame an overnight singer when her video went viral on social media.

You have heard of ranu mondal she became an overnight sensation when her video went viral on social media.

Ranu Mondal is really a melodious singer, She really sings well.

According to Ranu Mondal, she always follows Lata Mangeshkar who is her role model.

Ranu Mondal is from West Bengal she got married to babu Mondal and went to Mumbai after marriage, But unfortunately, her husband died and then she came back to her home town. When Ranu Mondal came back from Mumbai her financial condition was really bad, It was very difficult for her to survive. So she decided to sing on the railway stations to earn and survive, Let me tell you that she is also having a daughter who left Ranu Mondal 10 years back because she used to sing on the railway station.

When her daughter got the news that her mother has become an overnight singer she went back to her mother, so friends you can see the power of money here.

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Ranu Mondal Singing Journey

When Ranu was at her teenage she used to sings on a club and people call her Ranu Bobby, But she left that job because her family doesn’t like her singing, So when she came back from Mumbai after her husband died she was financially very weak and she used to sing at ranaghat railway station in West Bengal to earn and survive.

Ranu Mondal (New singer), Bio, Age, Hometown, Wiki
Ranu Mondal and Atindra Chakraborty

She used to sing old Bollywood songs, On her daily basis many people noticed her but nobody helped her, But one-day ‘Atindra Chakraborty’ noticed her beautiful voice and recorded her video and put it on social media and that video went viral, from there her journey started many people appreciate her voice and even big celebrities also appreciated her.

After getting so much attention Ranu Mondal was called by ‘SONY ENTERTAINMENT CHANNEL’ in their reality show ‘SUPERSTAR SINGER’ during that show Himesh Reshammiya noticed her voice and offered her to sing in his next movie.

You have seen many youtube videos of Ranu Mondal singing ‘Teri Meri Kahani’ it is the song of Himesh Reshammiya where Ranu Mondal got her first break.

Ranu Mondal Video

Ranu Mondal First Singing Fees

According to the news, Himesh Reshammiya gave around 6-7 lakhs of rupees for her first songs, But Ranu Mondal refused to take that money but Himesh forcefully gave that money to Ranu as it was her first fees she got for her singing.

On her interview, she said that it was her second birth and she will try to make it better.

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Ranu Mondal and Himesh Reshammiya New Song ‘ Aashiqui mey teri jayegi jaa meri”

Watch Ranu Mondal Full Song Teri Meri Kahani

This song is a remake of Himesh Reshammiya old song which was a hit at that time,

Now again Himesh recreates this song with Ranu Mondal with new music, Let see how much hits did this song get’s

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