Jio Gigafiber: Price, Plans, Launch

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Jio gigafiber price: Monthly plans of Jio Gigafiber Price will start from Rs 700 and up to Rs 10,000. At the moment, the price of the annual package has not been given.

After waiting for a long time, the launch of Jio Gigafiber has finally been announced by Jio. Earlier it was being called as live Jio Gigafiber. This was announced during the 42nd Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Reliance Industries Limited. Here we are giving you all the information about Jio Gigafiber’s plans, speed, offers, and all about Jio Set Top Box.

Jio Gigafiber: Jio Gigafiber customers will get at least 100Mbps speed and top speed will be up to 1Gbps.

Jio Gigafiber

Jio Gigafiber: Customers will be given a set-top box of Jio as well as a Wi-Fi router. Many new features will be seen in the set-top-box of Jio, which has never been seen before.

A video call can be made to four people simultaneously from Jio’s set-top-box. Subscribers will be able to make free video calls through phones and tablets.

Console quality gaming will also be supported in the set-top-box of Jio. All gaming consoles will be supported in this box. And the in-built graphics card will also be available to play games like FIFA 2019. Later games from companies like Tencent and Microsoft can also be installed here.

Zero-latency multi-player gameplay has been promised through the high-speed Jio Gigafiber network. Subscribers can participate in social gaming with friends.

Any film with first-day first show subscription will be available to the users and any film can be seen at home on the day of release. However, this feature will be available to customers in mid-2020.

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The special thing about Jio’s set-top-box is that you can also see all the premium content of India’s major OTT platform.

Customers will also get the benefit of mixed reality service in the set-top-box of Jio. In this, the experience of MR shopping, MR education, and MR movie watching will be able to the customers of Jio.

Subscribers will be able to buy clothes through MR shopping. with the help of the MR headset, customers will be able to see how they look at those clothes. The customer can see himself as a virtual version. Similarly, for education, customers will be able to view the 3D version of the models with the help of MR set, and full theater experience for movies can also be seen from MR headset.

All channels of local cable operators can be streamed through Jio’s set-top-box. Jio has already acquired Den Network and Hathway.

International calling packs were also introduced. Through this, unlimited international calling can be done. The price has been kept at Rs 500 per month, where users will be able to make free calling in the US and Canada.

Jio Gigafiber Welcome Offer was also announced, where it was stated that customers purchasing Annual Forever Plan will be given FHD TV or Home PC with 4K setup box.

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