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In today’s scenario, everyone needs money and I found blogging is the best way of making money, my blogging career was started in 2015 at that time I was not having any knowledge of blogging. But I have a great passion for making a blog. I was too much fascinated by seeing the other blogs and bloggers are making good money. So from my experience, I will tell you the different ways you can monetize your blog and earn a huge amount of money. So let’s get started.

Placing Ads On Your Blog


Yes you can monetize your blog by placing ads to your blog there are different ad channels like

and many more. But many bloggers prefer Google AdSense because it is trusted ones and they are paying a huge amount of money to bloggers from many years. So let’s discuss Google AdSense first of all, you have to take the approval of Google AdSense for taking approval in Google AdSense your blog should comply with Google AdSense policies like your blog should be very neat and clean there should be no unnecessary articles it should have privacy policy page,disclaimer page,contact us page and about us page, whenever you get the approval from Google AdSense you can place ad units in your blog and start making money with those ads.

Provide affiliate Links


you can earn money by proving affiliate link to your blogs and articles there are many affiliate channels like

and many more so all of you are aware of these websites. So there are different affiliate channels by which you can provide affiliate links of the products to your blog. So if you list those links in your blog and anyone who comes to your blog and purchase product from the given link you provided you will get a commission, and believe me it creates a huge amount of money. you can just google out and see how many bloggers are earning through affiliate marketing. You have seen many youtube video’s in which vlogger always says that go to the description and buy from there so this is another way of earning money.

Sell Digital Products

You can sell digital products like

  • Books
  • Software
  • Themes
  • Templates
  • Video
  • Audio & music
  • Photography
  • Graphics & digital art
  • Documents

and many more, you can sell all these products in your blog and can take payment from PayPal CC Avenue anyway you like it. if you know how to make blogs and website you can just post your website making service in your blog and start making a website for clients and earn money.


when you get a high amount of visitors on your blog, many big brands will approach you and request you to write an article or list their products in your blog, by this way you can earn a huge amount of money as you have seen many bloggers and YouTubers sponsoring some of the other products and they are earning good amount of money.

Build an E-Commerce Website

If you are a manufacturer wholesaler or retailer of any product, you can sell your products online by listing your product on your blog or website because in today’s scenario many peoples like to buy products online by viewing reviews and comments of that product, and hence it will really create a good impact on your brand. For example, there are many brands that sell their products online like Reebok, Adidas, Nike, Xiaomi and many more you can just go through their website and see the reviews and comments for help.

Teach Online

so if you are good at teaching and want to teach others, you can teach online whatever you want to teach, and you can get paid for that. You can start a website with a membership plan, and earn money from that. For example, if you know how to play guitar, piano or you are good at mathematics or any subject you can teach online and can earn a huge amount. You can go through the online courses provider listed below:-

  • Creative Live
  • Coursera
  • EdX
  • Canvas Network
  • eduCBA
  • Udacity
  • Ed2go

Event Blogging

Event blogging creates a huge amount of money. For example, if there is any occasion like Diwali, Raksha Bandhan, or a cricket match is going on or any event, you can just make a blog related to that event and just place ads or affiliate links to your blog. You have seen that on special events many people search online for that event and if your blog is made for that event visitor will definitely visit your blog and you will earn money.

Selling your blog

You can start selling blogs or website for others just make a good blog and generate a good amount of traffic to that blog and just post it to the selling website like GoDaddy, Sedo and many more are there, there are many bloggers who do this type of business, because many companies and individuals need ready-made blogs or website with a good amount of traffic, as it lower’s the effort and cost and clients get ready-made blogs.

So dear friends I hope you have got a better idea of monetizing your blog if you have any suggestions or question please write to us or drop a comment.

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