How To Do SEO In Blogger | Complete Step By Step Guide

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In this article, you will get the complete knowledge on how you can do SEO in blogger and rank your blog in google or any other search engine.

It’s really important to do SEO in blogs or websites because without it nobody can find your blog and it will end up with zero visitors. I have seen many bloggers don’t know how to do SEO, and when they get no traffic to there blog, they lose hope and stop blogging.

In this tutorial, I will explain the complete process of ‘How To Do SEO in blogger” So let’s get started…

Login To

Just log in to your blogger account in which you have made your blog.

Explore Settings Of Blogger

SEO In Blogger
SEO In Blogger

Go To Basic Setting Of Blogger

Now move to basics and write down the title of your blog and its mandatory to write the description because your home page will be indexed by Google and it will show blank description in search pages.


Enter Blog Description

Now move to search preferences and write the keywords in metatag related to your blog. For example, if you have made a blog on photography then your keyword should be like how to start photography you can find better keywords from google keyword planner.


Make Changes In Search Preferences

Now scroll down and move to custom robots.txt and enable it yes and paste the code which I have provided below and make sure you write your own URL in the sitemap.

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /


Makes Changes In Custom Header Text

Now go to custom robot header text and check only those boxes which I have shown in the image below. This is a very important part of SEO, as it shows which pages you want to index in the search engine, the first one is

Home page in which we have selected all because we want to index our home page in search engine, and no dp is selected because whenever anybody search your blog search engine keeps an image file of your blog in their server and servers shows that image file only but the demerit of this is that search engines never redirect visitors to our blog they show only the cached image file and hence we lose traffic so its necessary to choose no dp so that search engine should redirect visitors to our blog.

Archive and Search pages we have selected boxes in no index, because if a search result is indexed in search engines then it shows a duplicate file to search engines and hence search engine sees it as a plagiarism file, therefore, we don’t want to index our search results.

The third one is Default for Posts and Pages, and of course, we want to index our posts and pages to search engines, therefore we have checked all and nodp.


Login In To Google Webmaster Tool

Now log in to google webmaster tool and do the following…

  • Sign in with your Google account in which you have made a blogger account.
  • 2. After signing in click on add a property button on the right side and submit your blog address, after that click on add.

Move To New Search Console

Now click on the new search control box because google webmaster tool has been updated and has moved to the newly updated website.


Go To Settings

The next step is to submit your blog sitemap by which search engine will index your blog, so just click on the sitemap map button on the left column.


Submit Your Blog Sitemap

When you click on the sitemap button, an option will come to write down your sitemap URL just you have to write /sitemap.xml in the blank box and click on submit and your sitemap will be submitted just follow the guidelines shown in the image below.


Generate Meta Tags For Your Blog

Now you have to generate meta tags by which search engines will come to know what is your blog about. To generate a meta tag click here

Now scroll down and write your blog description and keywords related to your blog and press create metatag. Now code will be generated just copy that code. follow the guidelines shown in the image below.


Paste Meta Tag To Your Blog

  • Now again go to
  • Click on theme button on the left
  • press custom HTML
  • Press Ctrl + F button and search for <head>
  • After that just copy that code which you have copied earlier and paste it just below <head> tag.

Dear bloggers this is the way by which you can customize your blog, for SEO if you have any questions or suggestion please feel free to post a comment.

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