Android 10 Launched With New Features

Android 10 Features
Android 10

Android 10 Launched With New Features: Google announced the launch of the new version of ANDROID version which will be officially called as Android 10

Earlier it was launched for only google pixel phones and the android version on that phone was named as ANDROID Q. (Android 10 Launched With New Features).

Its the first time after 10 years google has not kept the android version name on the desert

As you know we always used to hear the names of android version as KITKAT, OREO, GINGERBREAD, CREAM SANDWICH, and so on.

You will see a lot of changes in ANDROID 10 from features to design and even the logo has been changed now you will see a dark logo.

Let’s have a look at the changes and features of android 10.

Android 10 Features And Design

Dark Mode Design

Features Of Android 10
Dark Mode Design

Now you can change your phone theme to dark mode and even you can change the app’s icon to the dark mode

But what are the benefits of giving dark mode, well it increases your battery life as it consumes less power and due to that, you can use your phone for long hours.

Wifi QR Code

You know that we need to put wifi password to connect to any wifi signal

But with the new feature of Android 10, you can just scan a QR code of another’s phone wifi or if you want to share your phone wifi a QR code will be there by which you can share your wifi with your other devices

So I think its a revolutionary feature provided in Android 10.

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Sound Features

With the help of android 10, you can record as well as listen to the audio at the same time

Earlier in Android Q, this feature was not available as you can listen or record the audio once at a time.

Well, this feature is restricted for the videos, In simple word you can capture the audio from the other app playing audio.

Thermal API

With the help of this features if your phone is getting hot by using any heavy apps.

which lets your phone getting hot then the smart Thermal API will close the other apps running in the background and cool down your phone.

Phone Setting

Now you don’t have to juggle up to reach to the setting page of your phone

Whatever app is open from there itself you can reach the setting of that app.

For example: If google map is opened and if there is no connectivity then the phone will automatically open the settings of the google map

And now it will become an easy task to access the setting of your phone.

Bubble Notifications

If you receive any notification then just forget your old notification bells

Now a bubble will popup which will notify you about the notifications. Well, you can just turn off this feature if you don’t like.

Advanced Privacy Settings

In Android 10 privacy settings has been changed, Now no app can launch by itself

You have seen that many android apps run on the background which we do not need and due to that they eat our data and battery

So with the help of advanced privacy control, every app needs permission to launch.

There are many apps which who access the screen data of the phone

But now every app who need access to the screen data will need special permission which is called on the go permission.

Conclusion: Google has taken a very revolutionary step with not using the Android version names with deserts.

Android 10 Launched With New Features reviews are yet to come.

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